Featured Guest & Cosplayers

Stephanie Southerland

Stephanie Southerland Is an American voice actress best know for voicing the role of Jean Gunnhildr in Genshin Impact, Freyja in Fire Emblem Heroes, Polly Pocket in Polly Pocket Theme Park Adventures, [...]

Kelly Baskin

Kelly Baskin Is the voice of Amber in Genshin Impact, Letizia and Lyre in Fire Emblem Heroes, Loreila in War of Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Melodia in Disgaea 6, and more. [...]

Valeria Rodriguez

Valeria Rodriguez Is a nerdy, geeky extrovert from Cancun, Mexico, with entirely too many ideas, and not enough time. When she's not yelling directly into her microphone, she's drawing, running Dungeons and [...]

Joe Hernandez

Joe Hernandez Is an LA based Voice Actor with nearly 10 years experience in the business. A graduate of Cal State Fullerton’s Theater department, Joe would go on to to voice the [...]

Seanpai Senpai

Seanpai Senpai Seanpai Senpai is a content creator formerly based in the Philippines and now residing in SoCal as of late 2021. He’s avidly passionate about health, wellness, fitness, motivational speaking, and [...]

Zumbie Allure

Zumbie Allure I have been cosplaying and modeling since 2014 and been a special cosplay guest since 2015 and been a guest for over 19+ conversations. I have my AA in [...]

Noelse Cosplay

Noelse Cosplay Hello my name is Noel . I am a full-time construction worker, father and partner. I also am a breakdance instructor to kids of all ages. The reason why I got [...]