Stephanie Southerland

Is an American voice actress best know for voicing the role of Jean Gunnhildr in Genshin Impact, Freyja in Fire Emblem Heroes, Polly Pocket in Polly Pocket Theme Park Adventures, as well as Madame Blueberry and Callie Flower in the The VeggieTales Show series. She has voiced characters in several anime series including Sword Art Online, Re:Zero, So I’m a Spider So What, The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter, The Irregular at Magic High School, and more. Her voice can be heard on hundreds of radio, television, and streaming commercials. You can even find her voice on store shelves as the Fisher Price Linkamals toy, Boppin’ Beaver! Stephanie lives in Los Angeles, was raised in Utah and earned her BFA in Music Dance Theatre.