Please check the schedule to see tournament times. Tournaments are ticketed events, please visit the gaming tournament booth to register.

The Cosplay Contest is a competitive event that brings local and out of state fans and cosplayers to compete in costume competition. This is a kids friendly event.  There will be 2 groups and/or categories for kids and adult cosplayers.

  • By signing up to join the contest you are agreeing to adhere to these rules.
  • Be respectful of your fellow cosplayer (and our team!)
  • Please write legibly on sign up sheet! This ensures that the show goes as smoothly as possible.
  • There will only be 50 available slots on the sign up! A location of the cosplay signups will be provided at the convention.
  • The Anime Fuse team will not be able to provide any music changes or lighting cues. Unfortunately, we are also unable to take music requests or submissions, as well.
  • Skits will not be possible during the show. Just pose and show off your creativity and personality in the time provided!
  • Remember your place in line. This also ensures that the show runs smoothly.
  • During the contest, enter and exit the stage at designated points only, unless inaccessible. Follow coordinators directions.
  • There will be a children’s and an adult’s category.
  • Have fun! We love seeing you all!
  • If you are interested in participating, please follow the rules and direction from staff!

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Anime Fuse is excited to announce our first annual Rock, Paper, Scissor Tournament. Competition day will be held on June 11, 2022 inside the Industry Commence Building at 5:00p.m. Tournament is limited to the 16 competitors. First come, first serve. Sign-ups available at the Anime Fuse Information Booth. Please read the officials rules.

  1. This is open to any person who is attending Anime Fuse and over 14 years of age.
  2. You must register at Anime Fuse Information Booth. (16 Contestant limit.)
  3. It is the competitor’s responsibility to be ready to appear as scheduled.
  4. Competitor needs to show up 15mins before the competition begins.
    If competitor is late, they are disqualified.
  5. Any competitor who has not pre-registered will not be eligible to compete.
  1. Contestant will receive a number for the bracket they will be competing.
  2. Play “Rock, Paper, Scissors” 2 out 3 wins.
  3. Winner moves on to next round. The losing player becomes a fan of the winner.
  4. The winner plays against the new opponent, while their fan cheers them on.
  5. The winner of the second game moves on to semi-finals, while the losing team joins
  6. their fan base. (Third place round. Fans of each bracket will cheer for their respective
  7. brackets, as well in the finals.)
  8. Repeat until there are only two opponents with a huge fan base cheering for them.
  9. The last two must play until one player has won 2 times.
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